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Built for Bold Executives

We provide algorithmic methods to help you visualize, simulate and predict where and how to execute quickly to capture new sources of value. Because our competitive landscape has changed… for good.

Years of experience have taught us that only about 20% of your business' capabilities drive the majority of economic value. Moreover, these will not be the same capabilities that will drive growth in the future.

As a result, bold leaders are asking 4 key questions:

  1. How do we execute more effectively – and quickly – given a changed competitive landscape?
  2. What will be our new 20% of capabilities critical to do so?
  3. What will be the impact of cognitive technologies on our businesses – and how we take advantage of it?
  4. What is the decay rate of our existing assets and adoption rates of new ones critical to drive new economic value – and how do we allocate our capital more effectively to do so?

The Typical Way to Answer these Questions

...involves a lot of talk, forums, reports and consulting recommendations...
...which is time intensive and costly.

Enter CapImpact™

We combine your data with industry data, apply proprietary algorithms, and help you visualize, simulate and most critically execute as you answer these questions, thereby bridging the gap between strategic insight and execution - at a fraction of the time and cost.

How it Works

We take relevant data

...apply algorithmic insights, simulations and focused visualizations...

to help you answer the 4 questions to accelerate impact – helping you execute on the right types of economic dials the right way

Our Offerings

Products and a platform powering algorithmic-driven insight and execution

CapImpact provides a platform of what we call algorithmic insight – that helps you model, simulate and visualize insights and implications as you answer the new questions bold leaders are asking.

Digital Transformation (DX) & Operational Execution

Through our Sister Company, ClearPrism, a new type of
DX advisory & execution firm

Cases Studies

A leading Singapoean Bank :

How we orchestrate our ecosystem of partners and customers around our new 20% to leap-frog our competitors in terms of growth & profitability?

A global pharmaceutical company :

How do we tackle anti-microbial resistance, given the criticality for an ecosystem-centric business model and new set of capabilities to do so?

A global health Insurance company :

How do we provide radically new care delivery and patient outcomes around diabetes in a way that drive both greater economic and societal value?

A global energy company :

How we amplify "faint signals" of potential risks and identify the new 20% of capabilities to counter them, under different conditions?

A set of global companies :

How do we anticipate the implications of certain types of technology on our business and their implications on where we make money and how we engage with customers?

A Fortune 50 company :

How do we ensure that our "big bet" R&D portfolio is pointed in the right direction, and how do we re-focus it oince it is to accelerate the realization of value?

Why We Do What We Do

We passionately believe that the economic and operational logic of competing today has changed – for good, requiring a new type of advisory & most critically, execution partner.

Which is why we’ve started two integrated firms: ClearPrism and CapImpact. ClearPrism is a new type of advisory firm with a crisp focus: to work with client to bridge the gap between strategic intent and execution, powered by CapImpact’s insights and assets.

CapImpact provides a platform that helps you model, simulate and visualize insights and implications as you answer the new questions bold leaders are asking.

What is your new 20%?

Contact us to explore how we can help you execute more effectively – given a changed competitive landscape